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Dopo una lunga, ma divertente, Caccia all’Indizio si è giunti ad una conclusione!  L’enigma dei fogli numerati presenti nella Mappa Kafe è stato risolto dall’utente Hades! È riuscito a interpretare i biglietti e a ricavarne una password: “2siFO,SeW:ut12Rc”!

Una volta inserito tale codice nel sito rainbowleaks.org, queste di seguito sono le immagini e il testo presenti!

“We were supposed to rendezvous with our supporters among the Russian hacking community for a tete-a-tete, but our flight got delayed. By the time we reached Kafe Dostoyevsky, everything had gone sideways. They’re saying terrorism but I’m saying cover-up and that tells me we’re closer to the truth than ever. Unfortunately this means our channels are in danger of getting compromised. I’ll be scrubbing our sites and clearing all our dead drops. We’ll have to go to ground for a while; this is our last drop at this location.

Let me be absolutely clear… they’ve cordoned off Truth or Consequences and there’re reports of gunfire and explosions. That means the citizens of T or C know the truth, and we owe it to them to spill the beans on what’s happening. I stand with Truth or Consequences, and we will learn their story.”

Nel sito, inoltre, c’è anche un file audio!

Si parla di un’infezione dilagante che è stata coperta dalle forze speciali e fatta passare per terrorismo!
Si tratterebbe, invece, di un virus in grado di far mutare gli umani in veri e propri mostri!



Vi lasciamo ai precedenti file:

File #1

My Fellow Facters, we have an opportunity to get ahead of a lie before it becomes another cover-up. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is experiencing an outbreak and the Feds are a little too quick to send “help,” almost like they’ve been prepared. We’ve managed to smuggle intel out of Truth or Consequences through an ARNG associate of the Manifest Destiny Militia. They share our distrust of FEMA and I can’t do this alone. We need all hands on deck here. So whatever your sources, whatever you can provide, share it here so we can all benefit from it.

Here’s what we know so far: Truth or Consequences is suffering an outbreak of an undetermined nature. The CDC is front and center, and the National Guard is rendering assistance, but all the pieces fell in place way too easily. This has false flag written all over it, but who’s the bad guy here. So give me what you got… let’s add to this database before someone Jimmy Hoffa’s all the evidence.

File #2

The President’s plane got attacked! It’s been grounded! Tell me this isn’t coincidence? Was the President trying to shut it down? Was he too close to the lies? Is this Phase II of the Truth or Consequences operation? I’ll tell you something the timing is terrible. It may have cost us a Facter within the inner circle who was helping us. He fired off some intel before the plane went dark, but what did he leave behind? We’ll never know but we’ll have to move carefully. They’re playing for keeps so that means the stakes are high. Keep that data coming, don’t let them derail the train! I’ll have more for you after we talk to some of our friends in the Russian hacking community.